How to Repair Melee Weapons in The Last Of Us 2

How to Repair Melee Weapons in The Last Of Us 2

Melee weapons are central in The Last Of Us 2. They come handy in close combats when a zombie jumps you and you cannot use your primary weapon. However, the weapons can be fragile and easily become blunt. Nevertheless, you can repair your melee weapon in the game and boost your hand-to-hand combat abilities. In this guide we will show you how to repair the melee weapon in TLOU2.

Steps to Repair Melee Weapons in The Last Of Us 2

At this point, you should know that repairing is not click and perform, but in fact it will cost you resources and require the character to learn the skill. However, you can get used to it quite early on in the game  when you have the Prep skill tree manual in Seattle – Day 1.

In the game, the ability to repair is not called repair, it’s called Craft Melee Upgrades and provides a range of options from upgrading your melee weapon, restoring it to full durability, and increasing the damage. As part of the recipe, you will require certain things like – 1 Binding (which is a tape), 1 Blade (which is Scissors), and 1 Melee Weapon.

As mentioned earlier, besides repairing the weapon the melee upgrade also increases the damage of the weapon substantially. As you perform the upgrade, the character attaches the scissors with duct tape to the melee weapon. It may seem bizarre as to how it works. But, it does and the weapon can take out any standard enemy in one or two blows.

A melee weapon is crucial in The Last Of Us 2 and your character should have it on them in workable condition at all times. Often, you will find yourself in situations when the gun cannot be used. In later parts of the game when you encounter human enemies, the melee weapon becomes more useful as the enemies close in fast armed with large hammer-like weapons.        

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