How to Reload Gunlance in Monster Hunter Rise

If there is any particular type of weapon which is complex in Monster Hunter Rise, then it is Gunlance. This weapon can accomplish many different things. In the game of Monster Hunter Rise, bombarding attacks are extremely powerful, but require artillery shells, so you will have to read Gunlance regularly. Let us learn here in the following, how to reload Gunlance in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Reload Gunlance in Monster Hunter Rise

Reloading of Gunlance is done simply by pressing ZR and A any time during the play. It will start the reloading process and then you’ll be able to face your enemies one more time.

However, the reloading process will take a little bit of time and of course, it will leave you susceptible to enemy attacks. So, make sure to reload Gunlance only when you’ve the right opportunity in the game.

As we have mentioned below, the Gunlance weapon provides many different controls that you can use in Monster Hunter Rise.

– You can perform a cross thrust by pressing A.

– Also, holding A, it will allow you to perform charged attacks.

– You can also perform a normal attack by pressing B.

– By Pressing X + A, you can perform a Rising Slash attack.

– Press ZR + X to perform Guard Thrust.

Gunlance weapon is enhanced for complete carnage and to fight with Wyvern’s Fire, you can easily destroy their entire enemy gang. To activate this amazing feature, you only need to press ZR + X + A.

Quick Reload

Quick Reloading can be used as a follow-up for any attack and this feature helps you to reload faster than any normal Reloading move. But, it can only refill shells and can’t be used to reload Wyvern’s fire.

You can only load Wyvern’s Fire once at a time and so, you will need to reload it again to shoot. Remember: You can’t use Quick Reload for this action.

Use combo – Jump up and attack

Jumps up and attack with Rising Slash and it will reload and hit with Overhead Smash once you fall on the enemy. This way, it will also reduce the cooldown time of Wyvern’s fire. Thus, there are many benefits to use this combo.

Also, you can protect yourself by simply pressing ZR or press ZL + XZ to use Hail Cutter-like attacks, and by pressing ZL + A, you can protect your edge.

That is all you need to know about how to reload Gunlance in Monster Hunter Rise.

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