How to Play With Friends – FIFA 22 Multiplayer

How to Play With Friends - FIFA 22 Multiplayer

FIFA 22 is releasing on October 1, 2021, and players are wondering whether or not they can enjoy this popular game with friends. Well, like many other online games, FIFA 22 is also can be played with your friends. And the best part is that you can play multiplayer in almost all modes including a career mode which is single-player focused. If you have no idea how to play with friends, here is a complete guide on FIFA 22 Multiplayer.

How to play with friends – FIFA 22 Multiplayer Guide

Here are the details of the all modes you can play with your friends.


Kick-Off is the crucial mode and every player wants to play it. In order to play Multiplayer in Kick-Off, open up the menu and go to the Kick-Off. Here you will be asked to connect other controllers you need and then select sides. Then, move your controller to the similar side if you need to join the same team.

Also, you can log in to your account and the game will follow your record and so you can check who is on the top of the cycle. And then, you can select match types such as House Rules, Volta, UCL, Classic, etc., and then select your team and start playing the match.

Ultimate Team

This mode is one of the popular and also widely used in FIFA. To play multiplayer in this mode, go to the Play division and select Friendlies. Then, confirm your team you are currently using and then select the type of match you want to play. Also, you can play co-op in Rivals, Squad Battles, and Draft – for this, press Triangle and add your controller when you find the match.

Co-Op Seasons

If you have a friend, Co-op seasons offer great fun. You can select a team together and bring in another player pair to play the match. For this, open up the main menu, and go to the Play part. Then select a current season or you can also begin with a new. Next invite from the list with whom you wish to play. That’s it, now pick the team you want and search for a rival.

Pro Clubs

In this mode, you need to create a player and then make a team. You can also join any of your friends and 11 players are the maximum. To bring everyone together, you simply need to invite them to your club or you can join theirs.

Once they are a part of your club, then you can select to join a match with players. For this, you need to press Play Match when you can drop in the lobby and select your position.


Volta is another popular mode in which every player wants to play with other friends. The Debut Story, Squads, and Single Match mode are some of the options you can play in Volta.

To play it with your friends, open up the main menu and select a Volta match from Kick-Off.

That’s all for this guide on How to Play with Friends – FIFA 22 Multiplayer.

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