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How to Play Vantage in Apex Legends Season 14

How to Play Vantage in Apex Legends Season 14

With the release of Season 14: Hunted of Apex Legends, the devs have added a new legend with a fresh set of abilities and play style. This was a really good decision as it provides the players with something brand new to spice up the game. The name of this non-binary legend is Vantage. In this guide, we will talk about everything we know about this new legend. Let’s get started then.

Vantage Lore in Apex Legends Season 14

The daughter of Xenia Contreras, Mara, who has taken the name of Vantage for the Apex games, was brought up on the planet Págos. Besides the mother and her daughter, the planet had no trace of human life. This led to Mara growing up and becoming a very skilled hunter.

Mara’s life is overturned when she finds a ship crashed on the land. Their mom insisted it was an empty cargo shit and warned them against approaching it. Inquisitive as she is, Mara actually goes ahead into the ship, finding prison cells with skeletons in them, as well as the baby bat that would turn into her sidekick later. Mara additionally finds sniper rifles similar to her own aboard the ship.

Unintentionally setting off the ship’s defense systems, Mara is recognized by the AI on the ship as their mother. Apparently, this was because of how much they shared their looks with their mother and had the same genetic makeup. Xenia was previously a detainee sentenced to life on board this ship, uncovered as a prison transport from Gaea named ‘Vantage’.

Due to the ship’s defense system being activated and detecting a prisoner out of the cell, it attacks Mara, who is severely injured when she tried to escape. Xenia tracks down her daughter with the help of Echo. She realizes that she can not save Mara as their injuries were too lethal. To save them, Xenia’s only option was to activate a distress beacon that would alert the authorities that a prisoner has escaped from their jail cell on 


When the authorities arrive on the scene, they provide a near-death Mara with medical support and toss Xenia back into jail. Uncertain of what to do and “unable to fit into society,” Mara decides to join the Apex games under the name Vantage to help their mother’s criminal case by drawing a lot of attention to it and providing support. Thinking about it, they will probably fit in the Apex games just fine with that sniper rifle on their back and Echo on their shoulders.

Vantage Abilities and How to Use them Efficiently

Vantage is a hunter-class character with movement-based abilities in a broad sense. Their abilities are mainly defined by the bat, which provides them with repositioning abilities, and the sniper, which provides an interesting play style.

  1. Spotter’s Lens (Passive Ability): When you are unarmed or using a mid to long-range scope, you can aim down sights and target an enemy to find out information on their entire squad. Doing so will reveal the legend that is being targeted, the level of the shields of everyone on their squad as well as how many squad members they have. This almost feels unfair as information on the other squad can be the most important factor in a gunfight. Based on the information provided by the Vantage in your team, you can decide on the kind of approach you want to take. Besides this, the spotter’s lens has a bullet drop indicator using mid to long-range scopes. This means that they can see where the bullet will hit before they shoot it. This is extremely effective when using sniper rifles, especially the Kraber, which can one-shot enemies when used efficiently. Being a hunter-class legend, Vantage can scan recon beacons to provide information on the next ring-closing.
  1. Echo-relocation (Tactical Ability): Thanks to Vantage’s winged companion, Echo, they have one of the best tactical abilities in the Apex games. With the press of a button, Vantage can send their sidekick bat to any position within a 30 to 40 meters radius. When Echo is moving to the position, you can hold down the same button to be flung towards him at high speed. Not only can you traverse the vertical distance but also the horizontal distance to cover a lot of ground very quickly. You can use this ability to escape from a sudden third party or push an enemy that is low on health quickly before they heal. The most important thing to remember is that when you are preparing to launch to Echo, you must have a clear line of sight to him. Thankfully, it is impossible to damage or kill Echo, so that you can rest easy about that. However, enemies can spot him if he is left flying in the same position without being retrieved.
  1. Sniper’s Mark (Ultimate Ability): Remember who else has a sniper rifle for an ultimate ability? You are right, it is Chamber from Valorant. Well, this ultimate may be more similar to Chamber’s than you would think. You get five bullets including the one in the chamber. The sniper is totally customized for this legend. It is not available anywhere on the map. You can only equip it if you are playing as Vantage. Enemies that get hit by this sniper’s bullet are marked. This means that you can now easily keep an eye on these marked enemies. Not only that, there is an additional damage buff on the marked enemy. This means that if you or your teammates shoot the marked enemy, the damage that they receive will be higher than usual, which means, you have an insane advantage. The first shot deals damage of 50 points. However, if you hit the same target again with a second shot, they will receive additional damage of 100 points. Something interesting about this ultimate is that it charges up differently than any other legend’s ultimate. For you to use any ultimate, it needs to be fully charged, but not Vantage’s ultimate. Instead of needing to be fully charged, a 20% charge on the ultimate gives you 1 bullet on the Sniper’s mark. A 40% charge means you can fire 2 bullets. A full charge, obviously, gives you 5 bullets. This also means that firing a bullet consumes 20% of the charge on the ultimate ability. It is always a good idea to carry ultimate accelerants when playing as Vantage.

Players that have a very aggressive and fast-paced play style will be able to fully utilize the kit of Vantage. Information and timing are important things to keep in mind when ranking up in Apex Legends. One wrong move can result in your squad being wiped and the right move can end up making you the champion of the lobby. That was all for this guide on Vantage. We shall be putting up new articles daily on several games so please check them out as well. Thanks for reading this guide.

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