How to Play Resident Evil Village on PC Using PS4 Controller – Fix PS4 Controller Not Working

Resident Evil Village has released and based on the Steam reviews, the game appears to be a hit and players are enjoying the game. However, some users are facing problems playing the game using the PS4 controller. Steam provides you a range of options when it comes to the selecting the controller you want to play a game with. However, when you first connect the controller it may not work properly with the game. There is an easy way to fix PS4 controller not working. In this guide, we will show you how to use the PS4 controller to play Resident Evil Village.

Fix Resident Evil Village PS4 Controller Not Working

The main menu screen and the controls are set to default for the Xbox controller, so it can be confusing if you are using a PS4 controller. Thankfully, there is a mod available that you can download. Here is the link to the mod on NexusMods.

Download and install the mod. Once you have the mod installed, follow the below steps to enable the PS4 controller in Resident Evil Village.

Change Steam General Controller Settings

Depending on the controller you are using whether the Xbox controller or the DualShock, you need to set the device on Steam. This can be done via the Controller Settings options. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Launch Steam from the desktop shortcut
  2. Click Steam on the top-left corner and select Settings
  3. From the Setting menu, go to Controller
  4. Click on General Controller Settings
  5. Depending on the type of controller you wish to use, you can check PlayStation Configuration Support, Xbox Configuration Support, or the Generic Gamepad Configuration Support.
  6. Press Ok to save changes, exit from the Window and start the game.

If the controller is still not working, restart the steam client and check again. You should not be able to play Resident Evil Village using the PS4 controller.

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