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How to Play as Specialist Mackay in Battlefield 2042

How to Play as Specialist Mackay in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 has revealed all ten specialists that players would be able to play at the launch of the game on 12th Nov. Mackay was part of the beta and hence, we know more about the specialist. Specialist Mackay is suitable for players who prefer to get up close to the enemy on the battlefield. He’s got skills that allow him to execute a hit-and-run strategy penetrating deep into enemy territory. Specialist Mackay is suitable for experienced players of the Battlefield series and FPS multiplayer at large as it requires swift movement (mastery of controls), swift reflex, and excellent aim.

As you find yourself surrounded by enemies, each moment and response is crucial. Experience players will have a blast with Mackay getting kills in enemy territory with the Grappling Hook, a signature ability of the specialist that allows him to get in and out fast. Keep reading to know how to play as Specialist Webster Mackay in Battlefield 2042.

How to Use Specialist Webster Mackay in Battlefield 2042

The specialty and the trait of Specialist Webster Mackay make him a fast-paced player across the Battlefield 2042 map. While playing as the Mackay, here are some tips you can use to take advantage of the specialist in BF2042.

  1. Use the Grappling Hook. During the beta, we saw a lot of players play as Mackay, but they never used the Grappling Hook effectively or as much. As Specialist Mackay, you should be going up and down buildings with the hook more often to surprise enemy players and take them out. Mackay is not a stationary role, you should be constantly in the move. Some other traits of the specialist supports that. You can also use the hook to gain higher grounds or unique spots that provides you access to large number of unsuspecting enemies.
  2. Mackay has the nimble trait, which means he’s much faster in the battlefield compared to most specialists. Even when aiming down targets, Mackay is the fastest of all specialists.
  3. While the SMG is the obvious choice of weapon for Webster Mackay, you can even go with the sniper. Battlefield 2042 allows the specialists to choose any weapon they want. Reiterating what we mention earlier. With Mackay equipped with the sniper, you can gain ground on tall building in enemy territory and start taking out targets without them ever knowing where the hit came from (of course once they are dead they will know your location, but that does not change the gameplay unless you stick to the same spot for too long and they respawn and come hunt you down.)
  4. Take advantage of the skills of Mackay and always be on the move. Enter a building, take down targets, and exit swiftly.
  5. You can use the grappling hook for swift movement. Yes, that’s right, you can target the ground using the grappling hook and move very fast.

Webster Mackayis a truly formidable character with his various abilities. When the right player with suitable skills takes hold of the specialist, he can be very devastating on the battlefield. Imagine having a dozen of Mackay and all very good, that would be a game-changer.

So, this is how you can use and play as Specialist Mackay in Battlefield 2042. The possibility with Mackay is only limited by the player’s imagination. That’s all we have in this guide, check out the game category for more guides and tips to play BF2042.            

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