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How to Play as Falck in Battlefield 2042 – Use Falck Effectively to Win

How to Play as Falck in Battlefield 2042 - Use Falck Effectivey to Win

Falck is a unique Specialist in Battlefield 2042 in the sense that she possesses the ability to heal both herself and her allies during combat. Her ability to shoot healing bullets at allies that are far away from her makes her an important tactical ally to have. Certain achievements in BF2042 can be unlocked by effectively playing the role of the medic and supporting the advancing forces. So, you must be wondering how to best use Falck in Battlefield 2042. Keep reading and we will show you how to play as Falck in Battlefield 2042.

How to Use Falck in Battlefield 2042

We now know all the 10 specialists in Battlefield 2042 and each has its own strengths. Falck’s obvious ability is to heal and revive. So, how to properly use the Falck Medic Specialist in BF2042.

Being a Medic, Falck is not a specialist that should be exposed to the frontlines. You can best use her abilities when the team takes care to protect her. As the specialist, your job is to first protect yourself as you are no good dead. When you have secured your position, you should be in a spot behind the allies where everyone is in reach.

You should be in a position to provide healing to all the nearby allies. Falck can use her S21 Syrette Pistol to fire bullets that heal allies from a distance. She can also revive players back to full health. However, the fired syringe from the Syrette Pistol can also be used by enemies if the target is missed. When fired directly on enemies, the Syrette Pistol can deal damage.

As a combat surgeon, you should also monitor the health of the other players, you can do this via the health icon that pops up on the HUD. Monitor the HUD and revive any player that’s deficient in health.

When used effectively, Falck can make a huge difference and can be a game-changer. For example, suppose you have taken a checkpoint with 5 players in an attacking position while Falck at the back is protected from enemy view but in view of allies, she can use her abilities to provide consistent healing to players who are taking damage. In such a case, it would be very difficult for the enemies to breach the checkpoint or the area as the player they damage will be quickly healed or revived ready to fight back.

Falck is not a role for someone who gets drawn into fights easily, it’s a support role that requires the specialist to avoid as much gunfight as possible. So, in a nutshell, this is how to use and play as Falck in Battlefield 2042.  

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