How to Place Research Docs in Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ Warzone 2

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Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 has a new mode called DMZ which includes a number of tactical missions where you need to go in with your team and perform a bunch of tasks and then exfil the heavy AI enemy loaded zone alive. 

In essence, DMZ gives you and your team the task of sneaking into and navigating the Al Mazrah territory from Warzone 2.0 in order to complete a number of goals. Here, as opposed to Battle Royale, your goal is to complete some chores before escaping alive. In Battle Royale, your goal is to endure until no one else is left. To make this more difficult, the area is filled with AI guards and hostile players, each with their own goals. And trust me, these AI are not your regular guys from Recruit or Regular difficulty from the campaigns. 

That being said, you are stuck in this quest because you are unaware where you got to plant your research docs. 

How to Place Research Docs in Smuggling Tunnels in Toxin Research Call of Duty DMZ

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After you take your helicopter and make your way to the Smuggling Tunnels (pointed on the map).

Wipe out the AI forces in that area. Trust me there’s a lot. Then drop down through the zip. And use the Stronghold key card (refer to Final Tips of this article).
Once you get there, walk ahead and you will find a door. Unlock that door. 

You will be met with AI forces. Wipe those out and then the objective marker will point to the area where you need to place the Research Docs. And boom! You are done.

Final Tips:

Remember to take a gas can while you are on your way to the Smuggling Tunnels with your helicopter and your teammates because you might need fuel.
Secondly, remember to take a Stronghold key card, if you did not already spawn in with one and take that to the Smuggling Tunnel, because you are going to need it to access the area where you need to perform the task of placing the research docs.

I would suggest going through the door because it is right next to the area where you need to place the research documents. Moreover, there are not many bots in this zone. 

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