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How to Ping in Back 4 Blood

How to Ping in Back 4 Blood

The Ping system in online games is designed so that the players from the same team can communicate well without using the Voice chat function. And Back 4 Blood has a very simple and easy-to-use Ping feature. You can easily spot special zombies or any other items and ping them. This feature is very helpful especially when you are playing with your friends and you want to draw their attention to particular certain things. But how to Ping in Back 4 Blood? Let’s learn in the following.

Back 4 BloodHow to Ping

It is very important and useful to learn how to Ping in Back 4 Blood so that you can draw attention to your teammates. In Back 4 Blood, you can ping any items or enemies by pressing a single button – Which is very easy!

– Q on the PC

– LB on the Xbox

– L1 on the PlayStation

However, you can go to the settings and change this command to some other button as well, if you are connected to the PC system.

And, if you have Console, another option to Ping in Back 4 Blood is to press upon the D-pad from your controller. Then a Radial menu will be opened. You will see several options on the right side of the menu. After pressing this button, you can mark/ping anything you want including enemies, attachments, ammo, weapons, and some other loot. 

Upon pinging any item, it will be showing up as an icon on other teammates’ screens that indicates the exact locations of the items.

That’s all for this guide on How to Ping in Back 4 Blood.

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