How to Pilot a Banshee in Halo Infinite

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The Banshee is an aerial vehicle that has existed since the start of the Halo series. Fans of the series would want to get their hands on the vehicle. Just like much of the gear and vehicles in the game, you need to be the first one at the site to obtain the vehicle. The game also allows players to hijack vehicles, so you need to be extra careful. Knowing the exact location where you can find the Banshee will help you get there faster. Keep reading and we will show you how to get and pilot a Banshee in Halo Infinite.

How to Fly a Banshee in Halo Infinite

The importance of the Banshee in a match cannot be overlooked as aerial support for your team on the ground, but the vehicle does not spawn from the start of the match. During the match, always watch for the UNSC cargo ship if you want to get the Banshee.

Once you spot the UNSC cargo ship, follow it to find the Banshee. While going for the ship, do note that there will be others who would want the ship as well so be careful. Once you get your hands on the ship, do not waste time and take too high as fast as possible. The Banshee can be taken out by projectiles or even be hijacked, both of which are possible if you are closer to the ground.

Flying the Banshee is no rocket science. Here are the controls to fly or pilot the Banshee in Halo Infinite.

  • Push Left Stick forward to Accelerate
  • Pull Left Stick back to slow down
  • Move the Left Stick Left or Right to move strafe sideways
  • Use Right Stick to Steer the ship
  • Hold Right Trigger to Fire (hold the Right Trigger to fire blaster bolts, press Y to switch to missiles and then hold the right trigger again to fire missiles.)
  • Boost Speed while flying by pulling the left trigger down
  • Perform barrel roll by pressing left bumper and moving left analog stick sideways simultaneously
  • Perform backflip by pressing left bumper and pulling left analog stick back

Besides the above controls, you can change the camera settings via the game’s Settings. The missiles have a cooldown of 4 seconds, so be mindful of that.

Just like any of the other Halo games, the Banshee is not the most defensive vehicle as it can be taken out easily, but it has a good evasion so you are able to dodge attacks. It hit, the vehicle can be taken down easily.   

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