How to Perform Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23

FIFA 23 has various maneuvering techniques that you can use on the field to earn some points. One of the more popular albeit complicated techniques is the Rainbow Flick. This move had been a fan favorite throughout the FIFA franchise, and to get the chance to practice the technique again in FIFA 23 is a big deal. In this guide, we’ll see how to perform a Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23.

How to Perform Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23

Those familiar with the Rainbow Flick move in actuality would love to recreate it in the game, and you can now perform this move on the field. Here we will see how to perform the Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23.

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Performing a Rainbow Flick requires timing and precision, as you will need to kick the ball over oncoming defenders. This is an advanced skill as it is a four-star skill move, so any high-ranking player with better skill sets can pull this off. It can also be used in conjunction with other high kick moves like turning the Rainbow Flick into a full-fledged Scorpion Kick. There are two types of Rainbow Flick moves you can perform, one is the simple Rainbow Flick and the other is an advanced form of it. Below we will take a look at both of these moves and the controller/ keyboard movement.

  • Rainbow Flick: Right stick press ↓, ↑, ↑
  • Advanced Rainbow Flick: Right stick press ↓, Hold ↑, ↑
  • For PC: Press #2, Press/Hold #8, Press #8

The advanced version is a five-star move, so you will need the best players to perform it. It will take a lot of practice to perform it on the field, so you can try it on the training grounds to get the technique right.

That’s all there is to know about performing a Rainbow Flick in FIFA 23. If you like this guide you can check out our other guides as well. 

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