How to Perform Dance Battles in Ooblets

Battles are an essential component of any creature collection game, but unlike popular game like Pokemon, the battle system of this game is a bit distinct. Creatures do not attack the opponent violently, instead, they perform dance battles. The Ooblet that performs the dance moves better wins the match. Read further, we will show you how to perform dance battles in Ooblets.

How to Perform Dance Battles in Ooblets

You start the Dance Battle with a range of cards with a unique name and ability. Each card allows the Ooblet to perform a certain move that has its own reward points. When it’s your turn, you draw a card. Each Ooblet come with a special ability that you access once during the battle; whereas, several basic moves are also available that you can use in the Dance Battle.

You start the battle with four cards and for you to be able to use the cards you require Beats. At the start of the battle you have three Beats. With each move you gain points and the Ooblet that reaches a fixed number of points first wins the Dance Battle. You can always check your score or the points required to win at the top left of the screen. On the below bar, you can check the current score of your team. The right side of the screen displays the score of the opponent.

Once the battle is over and you have reached the winning point before your opponent, you get a chance at acquiring the seed of the Ooblet you defeated. With this seed, you can grow your own Ooblet. Here is a guide to get Ooblet seed in Ooblets.

That’s all we have in this guide, we hope you know everything there is to know about performing Dance Battles in the game Ooblets.

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