How to Obtain the Dress Up accomplishment in Pet Simulator X

Debarun Joardar
Debarun Joardar

The third instalment of the Pet Simulator series is Pet Simulator X, or PSX for short. In order to access strong pets, the player must gather coins and gems. Coins can be used to buy additional biomes and to birth creatures from eggs. As the player advances, new planets will become available, some of which bring fresh gameplay elements.

Achievements can be found in the Achievements Panel, which can be accessed by hitting the centre button after selecting Menu. There are 24 Achievements with an assured prize and 5 degrees of challenge (EZPZ: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Insane). There will be no carryover of success from lower accomplishment levels to higher achievement levels. Some achievements have stages that get harder as you progress through them. And some of the achievements just need you to spend a huge amount of robux coins. One of these is the Dress Up accomplishment. In the following article, we shall tell you how to obtain it. But is it worth it? 

How to Obtain the Dress Up accomplishment in Pet Simulator X

To obtain the Dress Up accomplishment in Pet Simulator X, you must dress up as the game’s inventor Preston. This is verified by the fact that his avatar can be found in the Spawn World Glacier region.  The accomplishment companion is also frozen in ice next to him. He is dressed in two items needed for the accomplishment. They are the All Earth’s Fire Orange Ninja Headpiece and the BIG Games Box Emblem T-Shirt. 

The headband is a special edition object, and it can be purchased for as little as 150,000 Robux. It is doubtful that the overwhelming majority of players will be able to obtain this pet due to the cost of that item. As more people become aware that it might be helpful for this accomplishment, the price is likely to change.

The GIANT Games Box Logo T-Shirt is the second offering and costs 10 Robux. I can attest that simply owning this object won’t grant you the title. The Blue BIG Maskot, a 3 million harm companion, is the one you receive. You shouldn’t bother obtaining this unless you are absolutely eager for it. There are numerous other creatures that deal more harm, and this one is only noteworthy because it is uncommon. 

Now that you know the minute details, do you think it’s worth spending such a huge amount of coins just for an achievement? 

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