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How to Obtain Soul Shards in V Rising

How to Beat Foulrot the Soultaker in V Rising

V Rising is hugely popular and one of the reasons is because they have so much content. Even towards the end of the game, more and more features will get revealed to the player, and they will be able to utilize them to get the best possible gameplay experience. This guide will take you through the process of how to get Soul Shards in V Rising.

How to Get Soul Shards in V Rising

Soul Shards are one of the items that you will have the opportunity to obtain later in the game once you have established yourself as a powerful vampire. It is a powerful resource that lets you boost your stats even further.

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There are plenty of dangerous bosses in the endgame content of V Rising, so you should make use of Soul Shards. There are three in the game that you can obtain, and each of them will enhance a specific stat of the player. The powers of the three Soul Shards are described below.

Soul Shard of Behemoth

The Soul Shard of Behemoth will increase the garlic and holy resistance of the player by 50%, resource gathering by 20%, and movement speed by 5%.

Winged Horror Soul Shard

The Winged Horror Soul Shard will increase your fire and silver resistance by 50%, spell power by 10%, and spell critical hit chance by 5%.

Soul Shard of Solarus

The Soul Shard of Solarus has the power to boost your sun resistance by 50%, physical by 10%, and melee attack speed by 5%.

It is possible to get all three Soul Shards, but you will need to find the Eye of Twilight first, which is only available in the later stages of the game once you have reached a certain level. You can check out our guide on How to Build Eye of Twilight and Find Soul Shards in V Rising,

Once you have built it, you can interact with the Eye of Twilight for it to automatically mark the location of these Soul Shards on your map. All that remains is for you to go ahead and track them down.

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