How to Make Potion of Swiftness in Minecraft

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Minecraft is one of the best-selling games of all time, developed by Mojang Studios. The world of Minecraft has a lot to explore. In Survival Mode, players have to build their own worlds with their own resources. They have to maintain their world and fight with the mobs to survive.

Potion of Swiftness is one of the most popular potions in Minecraft. It gives the players some unique boosts to survive in challenging situations. In this article, we’ll talk about the method to prepare the Potion of Swiftness.

How to Make Potion of Swiftness in Minecraft

To make the Potion of Swiftness, you need the following ingredients-


  • Crafting Table (take four wood planks to make it)
  • 2 Blaze Rod
  • Blaze Powder (make it using one blaze rod)
  • Nether Wart (you’ll get it from Nether)
  • Water Bottle (craft it with sand and then pour water in them)
  • Sugar ( you’ll get it from sugar cane)
  • Brewing Stand (use one blaze rod and cobblestone to craft it)

The procedure of Making Potion of Swiftness

  • Place the Brewing Stand.
  • Activate it by placing the Blaze Powder into the left slot of the Brewing Stand.
  • Next, place the Water Bottles into the bottom slots.
  • Place the Nether Wart into the top empty slot. Once the brewing process is completed, you’ll get the Awkward Potion.
  • Next, place the Sugar at the top slot of the Brewing Stand, where you previously placed Nether Wart. Once the brewing process is done, you’ll finally get the Potion of Swiftness.

Usually, the effect of the Potion of Swiftness lasts for three minutes. But if you combine your Potion of Swiftness with Redstone Dust, you will get a Potion of Swiftness that lasts for eight minutes.

Now, if you want Speed II, combine your Potion of Swiftness with Glowstone Dust. It increases your speed by 40%.

The Potion of Swiftness increases your speed by 20%, which means you can use this Potion whenever you feel like running from a place. It can save you from the mobs and help you in fast traveling. Potion of Swiftness is one of the most popular Potions, and also it is easy to prepare.

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