How to Make Pickaxe in Minecraft

 How to Make Pickaxe in Minecraft

Crafting System is one of the best things players can have in Minecraft. This hardcore survival game has hundreds of things to craft. From weapons to building materials to food items, players must craft all of them using the Crafting Table. However, the first thing you need is weapons, especially a Pickaxe. Pickaxe in Minecraft is required the most during your journey, so this guide will help you know how you can make a Pickaxe in Minecraft.

Minecraft Pickaxe Crafting Guide- How to Make One?

In Minecraft, when you first appear in the world, you have no weapon, but you definitely need one as soon as possible, and most specifically, a pickaxe. Without other weapons, you can still play, but without a Pickaxe, it will be hard to progress. It is the most basic and most required tool in the game, and there are several types of Pickaxe in the game though initially, you can only make the wooden Pickaxe that requires only Sticks and wood planks.

Sticks can be made from wood that you can collect from trees. The Minecraft world has tons of trees, and hitting those tree trunks with your hands with help you gather wood. Once you have enough wood, first make a Crafting Table by placing 4 blocks of wood in the crafting slot in your inventory.  Now, as you have made the Crafting Table, you can follow the below steps-

Minecraft Pickaxe Crafting Guide- How to Make One
  1. Make wooden sticks by placing wooden planks in the two vertical slots of your inventory.
  2. Next, go to the Crafting Table
  3. Place three wooden planks on the top three slots
  4. Place two sticks vertically in the middle slots.
  5. Your Pickaxe is ready.

You can use the Wooden Pickaxe to break and collect Cobble stones to upgrade your pickaxe to a Stone Pickaxe. The recipe is the same; only the Wooden Planks are replaced by Cobble Stones. Sticks will remain the same. Similarly, you can make Iron Pickaxe, Diamond pickaxe, Gold Pickaxe, and, finally, Netherite Pickaxe. Each time you have to place the items similarly, only the stones are replaced by iron, diamond, gold, and netherite.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Pickaxe in Minecraft. From cutting trees to mining in caves to fighting mobs, everything requires Pickaxe, so as soon as to start playing, try to make a Pickaxe.


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