How to Make Money in Coral Island

Anjali Patel
Anjali Patel

A farm-based life awaits you on Coral Island. You will need money in Coral Island to live that dream life. Coral Island provides you with a number of ways to make money, but there are a few which are more efficient and will give you a bit more profit. The game has so many different activities that it can be challenging to determine which ones are worth completing when looking for extra bucks. Let’s see in this guide how to make money in Coral Island.

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How to Make Money in Coral Island?

You can make money in Coral Island by the below methods:

Upgrading the research Lab

You will need to prioritize the upgrades as soon as you have the money to make them. The upgrades are necessary to increase your chances of obtaining higher quality animal products and produce products, so do not wait too long to make them.

How to Make Money in Coral Island

Maximise your profits

In order to maximize your profits on a daily basis, you should not make goods that take longer than three days to make like Beer, Wine. Since you can make more money making juice, cheese, and cheese wheels, which take less than two days to make.

How to Make Money in Coral Island


You can make money quickly in Coral Island by fishing, which is one of the easiest ways to earn money. This is something you can access near the beginning of the game, and it does not cost you anything to do.

How to Make Money in Coral Island

Farm Animals

If you have the Hay upgrade, then you should focus on building a barn for Cows and a barn for sheeps. Build a number of cheese wheels, looms, mayo machines and yoghurt machines for your chickens and ducks. 

How to Make Money in Coral Island

Upgrade your house

When all the above points are done, you can focus on your home. As far as upgrading to level two is concerned, you really don’t have to expand unless you want to decorate your house, and that is when you have the resources and money. Focus on the above methods then move on to other things, such as building relationships with the villagers.

How to Make Money in Coral Island

This ends our guide on how to make money in Coral Island. Read our other posts for more updates on the game: Where to Find Ling’s Lab in Coral Island?, How to Feed Animals in Coral Island?

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