How to Make Maypoles in Valheim

Maypoles, like buildings and furniture are structures that boost the comfort of players when you rest near them. In the world of Valheim, the Maypoles can be found in abandoned villages in the Meadows biome, but they are hard to come by. Very few players have reported finding them. If you are looking to build Maypoles in Valheim; unfortunately, you will have to rely on cheats as there is no way to make them currently in the game. So, stick with us and we will show you how to get Maypoles in Valheim.   

How to Make Maypoles in Valheim

Only lucky few players have come across them in the real world without cheats, so if you don’t want to use cheats, look for abandoned villages in the Meadows biome and you may stumble across one. But, if you can’t find it, you can easily spawn it using the debug mode. To use the cheat, press F5 and type imacheater, now type debugmode.

Once you have entered the Creative Mode following the above steps, you can craft it like any other item in the game using the Workbench. Open the Workbench interface and equip the Hammer, you should be able to see the option to build Maypole in the Furniture tab.

Maypoles in Valheim

You still require resources such as 4 Dandelion, 4 Thistle, and 10 Wood to build the Maypole. These are resources not that difficult to find in the game. If you want to find any of the resources, check out our game category or perform a search on the website.

Once you have the resources, enable the Creative Mode and build the Maypole in Valheim using the Workbench.    

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