How to Make Blueprints in Ooblets

How to Make Blueprints in Ooblets

Ooblets is an incredible game with a lot of potential in the future. It may be the next Animal Crossing. The game combines the elements of two very popular video games in the genre – Pokemon and Harvest Moon – with the farm element and the creatures and battles (dance in Ooblets). There are certain things you need to know in order to succeed in the game. One of them is knowing how to make blueprints in Ooblets.

Blueprints are essential in the game as certain items like the Basic Sprinkler can only be unlocked using the blueprint form. However, blueprints are not accessible via the inventory, you need to visit certain locations to access the blueprint and craft items in Ooblets using the blueprint.

How to Make Blueprints in Ooblets

To make any item in the game you need to visit the appropriate crafting station. Cooking is probably the simplest as you have to assemble the recipe pieces and visit the house in your farm and there you have  a stove that can make food. But, other items may require some work as you first have to locate the crafting station.

There is a prerequisite before you start making items from blueprints – a Fabricator. You will be able to make a fabricator when you upgrade the house in Ooblets. The first upgrade, which is house 2 cost 2000 Gummies. But, you may not have the Gummies to upgrade the house just yet. However, you can still access the Fabricator at the furniture shop. Manatwee is the furniture shop where you will find upgrades for your inventory. It’s the shop next to the clothing shop with a large cat waving sign. Manatwee has the sign of a sofa chair above the door. It’s pretty hard to miss at the center of the town.

Go inside the shop and take left, you will see a machine. That’s your fabricator you can use it to make blueprints in Ooblets. When you interact with the Fabricator, it will display a list of items you can craft using the blueprint.

At this point in the game, the options to unlock items is very limited, but as the game progresses and you find more blueprints from Wishes, you can make more items from blueprint using the Fabricator in Ooblets. Currently, you can make the Basic Sprinkler if you have reached the machine.

That’s all we have in this guide, you can check our other guides in the game for more tips and tricks to progress faster than other players in the game.      

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