How to Make All Sushi Dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

 How to Make All Sushi Dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gameloft’s life sim and adventure game Disney Dreamland Valley is gearing up for its next update, and fans are excited to see what it contains. Your house in the Valley plays a significant role in the game, and it will get some colors to make a splash very soon. Meanwhile, let’s check out the newest recipes in the game, which is sushi. In this guide we will take you through the process of how to make all the sushi dishes with their recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Sushi Recipes 

You can cook a lot of dishes in Disney Dreamligh Valley, and this includes sushi. This delicacy isn’t just available in Japan anymore, as it’s widely popular across the globe. You will be able to make different types of Sushi in this game as well, so let’s find out what they are.

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Some quests will require you to make sushi, such as Ursula’s quest, so make sure you know the recipes as well as where to get the ingredients.

Below, you will find a list of all the sushi recipes available in the game.

  1. Sushi: This is a 2-star recipe. You will need two ingredients, which are Rice and any type of fish. The selling price is 80 Coins, and you will get 405 Energy on consumption.
  2. Maki: You need three ingredients for this recipe, which are Rice, Seaweed and any type of fish.
  3. Sake Maki: For this sushi, you just need to specifically choose Salmon in the Maki recipe.
  4. Tekka Maki: You need Tuna, Soya, Seaweed, and Rice to make this sushi.
  5. Kappa Maki: The ingredients are Seaweed, Cucumber, and Rice.
  6. Fugu Sushi: This is a 3-star recipe. You will need two ingredients, which are Rice and Seaweed. The selling price is 1300 Coins, and you will get 3261 Energy on consumption.
  7. Maguro Sushi: You will need Tuna, Rice, Seaweed and Ginger for this 4-star recipe. The selling price is 413 Coins, and it gives you 1206 Energy.
  8. Sake Sushi: For this 2-star recipe, you just need Rice and Salmon. It sells for 274 Coins, and gives 1000 Energy when eaten.
  9. Tamagoyaki: Last but not the least, this type of sushi only calls for Egg and Sugarcane.

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