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How to Make a New Friend in Pokémon GO

How to Make a New Friend in Pokémon GO

In Pokémon GO, we can attain 6 levels of friendship with other players. Essentially, when you make or add any new friend from the lowest level, that is only called ‘Unknown’. You will need to interact with them every day to increase the level and this way, you can access new bonuses and functions. But, how to add or make new friends and where to find these players? If you have no idea, do not worry! Check out this complete guide in the following.

How to Make a New Friend in Pokémon GO

In order to make a new friend in Pokémon Go is pretty straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

1. Open up the game and go to your profile tab which you will find on the bottom left side of your screen.

2. Click on ‘Friends’.

3. Next, click on the ‘Add friends’ button.

4. Once you click on this button, you will see a section that shows your Trainer code. Scroll down and you will see another section where you can enter the Coach code of another player. For this, first, you will need to ask another player to share their code which will be a 12-digit code. You must enter it in this menu.

That’s it – This is how you can make or add a new friend in Pokémon GO. But, are you wondering how to find other players for friends? Well, there are several options that include various Subreddits, Facebook Groups, and other social media groups. You can also find it locally. 

These are the great source to find out new players so that you can add to your Pokémon GO friend list.

Make sure to send gifts to your friends in order to increase your friendship with other players, which is very essential in Pokémon GO. You can find these gifts at PokéStops or Gyms. This way, you will be able to access new functions and bonuses.

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