How to Make a House Big or Upgrade the House in Ooblets

How to Make a House Big or Upgrade in Ooblets

One of the first tasks players have to accomplish when they start the game is to repair the old farmhouse. However, even when you are done refurbishing the old house, it still feels small and lacking something. So, players are wondering if they have the option to make the house bigger or upgrade the house size. Bigger houses in the game assure you more decoration and storage space; however, they can be expensive. Read further in this guide as we will show you how to make a house big or upgrade the house in Ooblets.

How to Make a House Big or Upgrade the House in Ooblets

In order to upgrade the house in Ooblets, you have to visit the furniture shop at the center of the town, it’s called Manatwee. The shop is right next to the clothing shop with the cat waving sign. This place also provides inventory upgrades, so you probably already know about it. Once you arrive at the furniture shop, go inside and take the first left as you enter. On the showcase, there are two model houses. These are the two house upgrade options you have at present in the Ooblets. But, remind you, they are not cheap and can cost a lot of Gummies.

The first upgrade, which is the house 2 cost 2000 Gummies, whereas the house 3 cost you 3000 Gummies. As this game is still new, most players will not have the required Gummies to purchase the upgrade, but as the game progresses and you complete a range of tasks for other members of the town, you will have more options for making Gummies and to make the house big.

In order to bring the house to the max level, which is still unknown, you will have to do a lot of grinding. But, Ooblets is designed for the long haul, you have an advantage over other players if you are starting now. In the coming months, you will see a lot you can do.

So, that’s all in this guide on how to make a bigger house in Ooblets. Check our other guides on the game for more information and tips.  

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