How to Make a Hammer in Muck

How to Make a Hammer in Muck

If you are already playing the new free survival multiplayer roguelike game Muck, you should know about the hammer which is a powerful weapon in this game. This is the solid and Chunky Hammer that offers extreme damage. Luckily, it is not too tough to make but yes, it is surely important for you to know the process. 

Continue reading the following guide to know how to make a Hammer in Muck.

How to make a Hammer in Muck

In order to make a Hammer in Muck, you need a little bit of luck and great power to take out the Big Chunk boss several times. Here we will learn the process to make a Hammer in Muck.

Materials Needed

– 15 Chunkium Ore

– 1 Hammer Shaft

Are you wondering how to get these materials? You will get both of these materials from Big Chunk. You need to kill several of Big Chunk bosses to get Chunkium Ore frequently. Hammer Shaft can also be obtained from Big Chunk but is a very rare material but usually, it comes in a stack of 2. The only purpose of Hammer Shaft is crafting the Hammer.

The process to make a Hammer in Muck

Now, by using the 15 Chunkium Ore and 1 Hammer Shaft, you can easily craft Chunky Hammer at an Anvil in Muck. Once you’re able to get both of these resources, certainly, the recipe will be there under the Weapons tab.

Once crafted, this Chunky Hammer will be very helpful in the battle as it offers 100 Attack Damage with 0.95 Attack Speed. Yes, the attack speed of this weapon is very slow but it damages incredibly and so it is worth making.

That’s it for this guide on How to Make a Hammer in Muck.

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