How To Make A Bomb In Grounded

How To Make A Bomb In Grounded

Grounded is quickly turning out to be one of the best survival games. The game is in early access so we can expect much more as the game progresses. Like all survival games, crafting items and machinery is crucial in Grounded. They do not just give you advantage but are key to survival in the harsh and deadly world of the game. Knowing how to make a bomb will help you get out of stiff situations and unescapable dangers. A bomb is a bomb that you can toss at ants or other insects that are coming to harm you. It allows you to deal substantial damage from a distance, enough to ward of unsuspecting insects.

However, crafting the bomb is not an easy task. Well! The crafting process is easy, but like all items you require resources to make the bomb. As it happens, one of these resources required to make bomb is located inside anthills. So, you will have to risk going inside to find the resource and craft the bomb. Stick around and we will show you how to make a bomb in Grounded.

How To Make A Bomb In Grounded

The first step is to get the crafting recipe to make the bomb. For this you have to scan one of the resources required to make the bomb at the Analyzer. Analyzing the fungal growth from the infected weevals can get you the recipe. You can find the infected weevals going Southwest on the map close to the bug spray canister. Once you have the recipe, the resources required are 2 Fungal Growths, 4 Dry Grass Chunks, and 1 Ant Egg.

Dry Grass Chunk is easier to find, but the Ant Egg and Fungal Growth are both difficult to find. To find the Ant Egg, you will have to go inside an anthill.

How To Craft Bomb In Grounded

To find the Ant Egg, you have to find an anthill. There are several in the game, but we found one Southwest of Jabby Cola when you pass the wooden oak planks and before the river. It’s located right in the middle of the dried grass stalks. You will have to go to the heart of the anthill to find the egg. You can expect some fight with ant soldiers here.

To get the Fungal Growth, you need to head to the Southwest of the rake  to the infected weevils. It’s the area with the bug spray clouds. Be cautious not to get too close to the clouds, unless you have a gas mask. However, you can draw the infested weevils towards you by using their aggression. When the infested weevils attack you run to cover.

The last ingredient is easy to get and you will find it at the anthill. Once you have all the resources to build the bomb, return to the Workbench and craft it.

That’s all we have in this guide on how to make a bomb in Grounded.     

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