How to Make a Bed in Sons of the Forest

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Sons of the Forest has become one of this year’s biggest games, even in its early access. Since the early access to the game started, players have jumped into the game to explore the survival world. However, the game has a day-and-night cycle, and sleeping is necessary for the game as it revives the players’ health. So, this guide will help you know how you can make beds in Sons of the Forest.

Guide to Making Bed in Sons of the Forest- How Can I Make It?

Sons of the Forest is the sequel to the 2014 game The Forest. The previous game was massively popular, so players have jumped into the sequel to experience the gameplay. Of course, this game is also satisfying and thrilling, though it’s not even the final version of the game.

If you have been playing the game, you are aware that after your character’s hard work for the entire day, he feels tired and needs to sleep. It helps them regain their health and save the game. Sons of the Forest can be saved only if you have made a tarp shelter or a bed in your wooden shelter.

The process of crafting a bed is already given in the Survival Guide of the players. Players can open the guide by pressing X and changing to the Furniture page to check the way to craft a bed. However, before you craft a bed, ensure you build a wooden house for yourself.

Guide to Making Bed in Sons of the Forest- How Can I Make It

The bed doesn’t require lots of resources. Players only need 16 Sticks and 1 Duct Tape. Both are easily obtainable items. Sticks can be found randomly here and there in the forest, and Duct Tape can be found in boxes and other containers you find in the forest.

Once you have both the items and a small house, you can build the bed by interacting with the Guide Book. Place the bed where ever you want, and now, you can sleep well. It is much better than sleeping in a tarp shelter.

That’s all you need to know about how to make a bed in Sons of the Forest.

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