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How to Loot and Extract 4 Enemy Dog Tags – Warzone 2 DMZ Challenge

How to Loot and Extract 4 Enemy Dog Tags - Warzone 2 DMZ Challenge

If you are going after the challenges in Warzone 2 DMZ, they can be a handful. Some are quite easy to achieve while there are others that can really test your skills and team coordination. Success in DMZ is all about team coordination and while being a solo player can be a boon at times, there are some missions that just cannot be completed unless you play with a team. Here is how to loot and extract 4 enemy dog tag in Warzone 2 DMZ.

How to Loot and Extract 4 Enemy Dog Tags – Warzone 2 DMZ Challenge

Loot and Extract 4 Enemy Dog Tags challenge is quite impossible to complete if you are a solo player. The challenge requires you to track and kill enemy players and get their Dog Tags from the backpack. The game does help you in tracking the targets, but it also alerts the enemy squad that you are tracking them. Here is the entire process of how to get the mission completed.

To start the Loot and Extract 4 Enemy Dog Tags mission in Warzone DMZ, you must first head to the green phone icon on the map with the skull, as shown in the image below. Once you interact with the phone, the mission will be on. Check the map and go to the nearest phone with the skull. One the mission starts, you will get the notification on your screen HUNT SQUAD.

skull icon mission

The four enemies you will be hunting are real players, so it will have its obvious challenges. Once the mission starts, you can open the map and you will see a green circle with a skull icon. This is the location of the enemy squad. Do note that as soon as you start tracking them, the enemies will also be notified that they are being tracked. On your screen, you will also be notified of the exact distance between you and the green circle.

The green circle is pretty wide and the enemy team can move anywhere they want on the map, which gives them quite an advantage. If the enemies choose to run from you, that can be pretty frustrating as well. The advantage you have is that the green circle will move and you will still be able to track the enemies no matter where they are. The rest of the mission is pure skill and team coordination. You will have to take on two missions minimum to complete the challenge.   

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