How to Leave Synagogue in The Last Of Us 2 (TLOU2)

How to Leave Synagogue in The Last Of Us 2 (TLOU2)

The Last of Us 2 is a great game with very few situations when you find yourself lost or stuck in a location. Synagogue is one such location where you might find it hard to leave or find your way out. It could be either after completing the objective (to get gas) or otherwise depending on the situation. Synagogue is an important location and you definitely want to know the way to get in and out. In this guide, we will show you how to leave Synagogue in The Last Of Us 2 (TLOU2) without getting stuck.

How to Leave Synagogue in TLOU2

The objective of visiting this location is to find gas, so before you exit, check the tank so you have the gas. Once the mission is complete, getting out is pretty easy and you already came across it. The container you rolled against the fence to climb on and get to the other side. Don’t bother with the doors as all of them are locked and that’s not the way out. But, for the sake of fun you may try them.

Synagogue in The Last Of Us 2

Use the same container as earlier, but this time push it to the staging at the corner of the room. Using the container, climb on the staging and it may appear that you are stuck with nowhere to go. However, if you look you will see a cable. Use the cable to swing to the other ledger and you will see an open window. This is your way out of Synagogue.

It’s that simple, there is nothing much to it. So, that’s how you level Synagogue in The Last Of Us 2. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to face the same situation again in the game as most designs are fluid and you easily pass through them. You only have to worry about the infected and staying away from their sight. This is a stealth mission and you have to walk up to the infected and slay them with a melee attack. That’s all, check out our other guides.