How to Lateral in Madden 22

Prasiddh Thakkar
Prasiddh Thakkar

In the real game of Football, a lateral pass which is also called officially backward pass happens when the ball mover throws the ball to any teammate who is next to him or behind him. The same situation happens in Madden 22 as well. When players have very little time to score, they need to how to Lateral Pass. It can easily keep the ball away from the opponent players and thus they can make an effective score. If you have no idea how to Lateral in Madden 22, let’s learn in the following.

How to Lateral in Madden 22

Typically, the lateral pass is used by the offensive players besides the quarterback. The strategy is to run beyond the scrimmage line by using the halfback. Once done, simply you will need to:

– Press LB on the Xbox OR

– Press L1 on the PlayStation

If you have crosse far enough and the situation is out of control, then the HB laterals the ball back to the available player around you. Thus, it will be your QB too.

If you find several teammates around you, you can also use the left analog stick. This way, you can aim the pass.

We recommend doing it first with the practice mode. Play a rushing play, specifically a Pitch play. When you pass the scrimmage line, then press the button as mentioned above and learn how your ball passes in a lateral style. However, this is just for the example in a practice mode. There will be several moments while playing the real game where you will need to use lateral pass many times.

That’s exactly how to Lateral in Madden 22.

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