20 Minutes Till Dawn

How to Kill Trees in 20 Minutes Till Dawn

How to Kill Trees in 20 Minutes Till Dawn

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a dark fantasy survival game where you have to survive for 20 minutes while monsters surround you. You are armed with a gun that you can shoot them with, which is reminiscent of a shooter game. This guide will take you through the process of how to kill trees in 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

How to Destroy A Tree in 20 Minutes Till Dawn

Trees might look like a good place to hide behind when you’re starting out your first run of 20 Minutes Till Dawn, but you will quickly realise that it’s not a friendly creature. Their glaring red eye will peek at you when you get too close for their liking.

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If you do manage to get too close to the tree, either deliberately or by accident, you will end up taking damage and losing a heart. Thus, these pesky trees only seem to serve as an obstacle for you while you’re trying to get away from your enemies. 

While the trees take damage, they don’t seem to die in the game. However, there is a way through which you can destroy a tree. First, you will need to kill some enemies and get XP, and wait your turn to get the Frost Mage Perk. As the upgrades are randomly offered to you, it might take a while to climb up the skill tree. Once you have the perk, your bullets will have a 35% chance to freeze targets for three seconds.

Next, you will need to level up and get the Frost Bite perk. Now that your bullets have the power of Frost Bite, you will be able to shoot at trees to freeze them and make them lose 25% of their HP. Simply shoot at them four times with the Frost Bite effect in order to kill a tree in 20 Minutes Till Dawn.

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