Back 4 Blood

How to Kill the Ogre in Back 4 Blood

How to Kill the Ogre in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is the latest horror survival game by Turtle Rock Studios where players need to fight with Zombies and monsters to reach the end of the game. In Back 4 Blood, there are Zombies, and to make the game more intense and challenging, the developers add a bunch of Special Riddens, and Ogre is one of those special Ridden.

Ogre is a mutated Ridden, which is 20ft tall and quite hard to defeat. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to kill Ogre in Back 4 Blood.

How to Kill the Ogre in Back 4 Blood

Ogre is the monstrous Ridden made of dead bodies and suddenly comes out of the ground. Like the other Riddens, Ogre is slow, but don’t underestimate it; it can cover the distance quite fast, it can throw projectiles and break any obstacles of its way. It has a large amount of health; therefore, it is not easy to kill it.

Like every other Special Ridden, Ogre also has its weak points. It is useless to shot it randomly. Random shots did no damage. The best way to kill it is to maintain a safe distance from it and then attack the weak points visible on his chest. In its chest, you’ll find glowing spots, use pipe bombs or Molotovs to attack those spots, and it will cause massive damage to its health, and it’ll die eventually. Remember to protect yourself from its ball of Ridden flesh attacks; it will damage a lot of health.

Sometimes when you are in danger, hide in a place where Ogre cannot enter. If you enter a building, try to stay away from the door; otherwise, the Ogre may catch you.

The only way to kill Ogre is to attack his weakest points. Make a good strategy with your teammates, and then go for the fight. The team is essential in Back 4 Blood. Without excellent and cooperative teammates, you cannot complete the game. Therefore, if you are stuck in the level where you have to fight with Ogre and don’t know how to kill it, go through this guide, and you’ll definitely be able to kill it.

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