Back 4 Blood

How to Kill the Breaker in Back 4 Blood

How to Kill the Breaker in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead, released on 12th October 2021. In this game, you have to face a lot of tough opponents, and one of them is Breaker. Its function is pretty similar to Tank in Left 4 Dead. They are the largest Ridden enemy that you get in Back 4 Blood. In this article, we’ll guide you to kill the Breaker in Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood – How to Kill the Breaker

It is pretty tough to kill the Breaker; it will take a lot of effort to take it down. The Breaker can pummel you to death, so don’t get caught. While you are fighting with the Breaker, your most significant advantage is that it moves slowly, so you can have enough time to run and make a distance from it.

Its shockwaves are dangerous; they can throw you away, so be cautious and try to avoid them. Well, the Breaker can’t be killed with bullet shots, or at least it will take a long time to kill it with bullets because it is fully covered with armor. Therefore, to take it down, focus on its weak points, the glowing points that you can see on his shoulder, and the bottom portion of his body. Try to hit those parts to kill the Breaker but remember to avoid its attacks.

It is good if you and your teammates are in full health while fighting with the Breaker. The Breaker always runs behind the closest player, so it’ll be an excellent chance for the other teammates to attack it in the meantime.

It is not easy to kill the Breaker, but players can defeat it with the proper strategy and teamwork. Teamwork is vital in Back 4 Blood. If you are struggling to kill the Breaker, you can take the help of this guide to know the method of killing it.

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