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How to Kill Spider Queen in Don’t Starve

How to Kill Spider Queen in Don’t Starve

The Spider Queen is one of the scariest looking monsters in the base game of Don’t Starve, especially if you’ve got a phobia of eight-legged creatures. Spawned from Tier 3 Spider Dens, the Spider Queen is acutely aggressive, and will chase the player across screens to unleash her wrath. It was added to the game in the Long Live the Queen update. Apart from having 1250 HP and sharp talons, the Queen commands up to sixteen Spiders to follow her. She also gives birth to more Spiders every 20 seconds. It might be a challenging fight, but the Spider Den and Spiderhat drops are immensely rewarding. This guide will take you through how to defeat it.

How to Defeat the Spider Queen in Don’t Starve

Spider Queen
Spider Queen

The simplest method to kill any mob in Don’t Starve is through kiting, wherein you dodge a mob’s attack and hit it immediately until it attacks again. While the Queen’s attack is relatively slow, she spawns several spiders which can be troublesome for this method. Make sure to have sturdy armor on if you’re kiting the Spider Queen.

An alternative is to bring the Spider Queen to different mobs who can attack her on sight, as the Queen chases the player for a long time. You can lure her to a Pig Village, Tentacles, Bees, or a herd of Beefalo in heat.

kill spider queen

If you’ve already killed a Spider Queen, you should have a Spiderhat, which you can wear to gather spiders to fight for you against the Queen herself. If you’re playing the Reign of Giants DLC you have the option to pick Webber, who is a spider. Webber can form allies with spiders on their own only by offering them meat.

beat spider queen

Our recommendation is to kill the spiders first as they come as they’re easily defeated with 2-3 hits with a powerful weapon. Kiting the Spider Queen is the fastest methods, and you don’t risk losing any of the rewards that she drops.

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