How to Kill Soldiers with Grenades in Destroy All Humans

How to Kill Soldiers with Grenades in Destroy All Humans Remake

The iconic open-world, action adventure game Destroy All Humans is released for all major platforms. Learning to kill humans with grenades is not a requirement in the game, but an optional challenge you encounter at the Suburb of the Dammed mission. This is the eleventh mission in the game, so if you are just starting out you may not require it. This is by far one of the most difficult missions in the game and learning to throw grenades to kill soldiers is even tougher. However, you will have to master the skill if you want to earn the Mandatory Option trophy. Stick around and we will show you how to kill soldiers with grenades in Destroy All Humans.

How to Kill Soldiers with Grenades in Destroy All Humans

As mentioned earlier, this is an optional challenge, so you can choose to do it or not, going ahead provides you the reward trophy. In order to kill the soldiers, you will have to get them to throw the grenades, which can be a pain. We had to repeat and restart the level several times before succeeding. When you encounter the soldiers, it’s best that you find cover or don’t appear to them. It’s the best chance that they will toss a grenade at you. If you continue to fight them in a one-o-one gunfight, it’s likely they will use other weapons.

Hence, in order to get them to throw the grenade get away from sight. You can use the nearby buildings or other structures. After they cannot see you, some of them will start to toss the grenade in your direction. Grenades are easily identifiable in the game as they appear as orange circles lying on the ground.

After they have thrown the grenades, killing soldiers is easy. Pick up the grenades with your psychokinesis, aim at the solder you want to throw the grenade and toss it. If the solder does not move, the kill will be made. You can also throw the robot grenade in the same fashion, but it’s recommended you eliminate them quickly as they can deal heavy damage.

While doing all of this don’t stray too far or the soldiers will start to shoot the radio towers. This will help you move closer to the Mandatory Option trophy. That’s all we have in this guide, check our other guides on the game.