How to Kill Sharks in Sons of the Forest

Debarun Joardar
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Sons of the Forest is a survival horror game that amplifies both the aspects by a huge margin. Not only do you have monsters on the land, but monsters in the sea too. That being said, if you thought that while you are trying to outrun the hordes of cannibals or grotesque looking monsters, you would run to the sea and water would keep you safe. Then you are mistaken, I must say. Unlike Minecraft, the monsters in the sea, the sharks actually give you nightmares. When they will come at you, gaping wide, the void staring at you in the face whilst the teeth slowly sink in, I swear you will feel your life flash before your eyes, in spite of it being in a game. So it’s probably better that you learn how to take care of these abominations of  creatures before it’s too late.

How to Kill Sharks in Sons of the Forest

Sharks can be found guarding the survival raft in the sea in Sons of the Forest. I would recommend equipping yourself with a firearm, a pistol or a rifle. But if you are not, don’t worry because there is a pistol on the raft. But make sure, you swim. And ensure that you swim like your life depends on it. Because I swear to God, it does. 

Then pickup the pistol and wait around. The shark will show up. It loves your scent. Equip your pistol and shoot at it. 

And keep shooting when it shows up. Make the bullets count. It will dive in. And then it will show up again. Shoot it again. It will die.

However you do end up dying, you would unlock the achievement “Need a Bigger Boat”, which is, not the worst ending, I guess. But the void that you would witness, would be worth a lifetime of trauma and fear that was probably suppressed when your younger self was playing Subnautica. 

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