How to Kill Moloch in Outriders

Moloch is the third boss you will battle on the mission Onslaught in Outriders. His move sets and abilities are quite simple if we compare them to the other bosses you will encounter in the game. Since, you are going to attack Moloch continuously, make sure to have your gears upgraded and updated. Your gears play a significant role in the fight. Another option is to just lower the World Tier (the difficulty of the game). However, it is important to know that the higher the World Tier, the better the rewards you will get. If it seems tough for you to take Moloch down, following the guide with ultimate tips will surely help you to tackle this giant boss.

How to Kill Moloch in Outriders

In the encounter with Moloch boss, he possesses 2 main moves. 

Fire attack

This is one of his main attacks, where he uses his hands to charge up a fireball and throw it directly on you. You need to dodge these attacks by rolling simply to the other side of such attacks. 

Fire Tornado

Fire Tornado is his second attack. It is quite dangerous since it can kill your health if he has attacked on you successfully. So, in this attack, you need to prevent getting caught in it by moving across the area where Tornado cannot reach you.

The ultimate strategy to kill Moloch in Outriders

During the battle, you will see that the Moloch has 3 parts of health which are tough to bring them down. However, the fight is easy and you only need to know fewer moves but focus on more techniques is very important.

The ultimate strategy or technique is to use an Assault Sniper and Rifle to bring down the health of the Moloch. 

Make sure to aim for the head of both Moloch and the body that he is carrying to inflict more damage. Make sure to shoot from a long distance about 20 steps away from him.

Also, ensure to look out for his teleportation. He can also teleport beside you so keep the distance from him to avoid getting burned. It can end the battle if you won’t move aside.

That’s all for this guide on how to kill Moloch in Outriders (Boss Fight Tips). You just need to follow these simple tips and tricks and you will defeat Moloch successfully in no time.

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