How to Join Mafia in BitLife

 How to Join Mafia in BitLife

BitLife is a life simulation game, though we can’t say it is a top-rated game. This game is complicated, and players have to encounter every stage of human life as they experience them in real life. Starting from birth, you have to control your character and choose their way until they age and die. So, like in your real life, you have to choose a profession for your character in BitLife. In BitLife, you can choose to be a Mafia. This guide will help you with how to become a Mafia in BitLife.

Guide to Become a Mafia in BitLife- How to Do?

Like in the real world, the BitLife world also has bad people and criminals. As players pass life stages, eventually, they have to choose a profession for themselves, and if they want, they can become a Mafia. In BitLife, there are so many professions, and players can become whatever they want to become. From Doctor, Lawyer, Carpenter, Musician to Mafia, the game gives a wide range of career options.

While most players go for decent jobs, some players love to try exceptional jobs, and becoming a Mafia is one of them. Anyone can be a Mafia, but they have to have some criteria to fulfill. But if you become a Mafia, you’ll earn millions during your lifetime and gets all the pleasures and luxuries. However, if you don’t get caught.

To become a Mafia, you have to go through the following stages-

  1. Make sure your character has a Crime Talent. Without it, they can’t run away from the Police. While choosing a character, select Crime as your talent from the Character Creation Menu. However, if you have already created your character, check if your character has the gun icon beside their name. Otherwise, Mafia is not for you.
  2. Next, wait until your character turns 18. Before 18, you can’t join the Mafia clan. Once you are 18, the Crime section will unlock, and now, you can choose Organized Crime from Special Career Menu. First, you have to start with Organized Crimes, and then you’ll get interactions with Mafias to become one of them.
Guide to Become a Mafia in BitLife- How to Do

If you have spent your childhood and teenage committing crimes like Pickpocketing, shoplifting, etc., and have never been arrested by the police, it’ll be easier for you to join the Mafias. The six Mafia Families in the game are-

  • Russian Mob
  • Mafia
  • Irish Mob
  • Latin Mafia
  • Triad
  • Yakuza.

Players can join any of them if they choose to be a Mafia. Being a Mafia increase the rank and income of the players.

That’s all you need to know about how to become Mafia in BitLife.


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