How to Join a Party in Valorant

How to Join a Party in Valorant

It’s nearing two months since the launch of Valorant and the game is another success story of Riot. You have probably accustomed yourself to the maps and the skills of various characters. But, are you still playing with the random team members the game assigns you? While there is nothing wrong with the game’s matchmaking, you can truly enjoy the game when played with friends. You can do this by joining a party in the game. This feature of Valorant allows you to form your own team and take on opponents. It works much like any other game, you have to first invite the player to be friends with you on Valorant. The whole process can be confusing for players who haven’t joined a party before. So, stick around as we will show you how to join party in Valorant.

How to Join a Party in Valorant

The first step in joining a party is to add a friend or friends to Valorant. There is no hassle to it, just follow the steps as we recommend and you will be done with it in no time. For this you need to have the “Riot ID” and “tagline” of the friend you want to invite. The ‘Riot ID’ is the alias, whereas the ‘tagline’ is their unique number. Both can be easily found either when you launch the game or when you click the Social icon. To sum it, you friend must give you the Riot ID and the unique identifier code (it’s usually # followed by four digits but can be more).

  • Once you have the friend’s IDs, click on the Social tab from the Main Menu screen of Valorant
  • Click on the Plus sign at the bottom of the screen
  • Now, enter the Riot ID and tagline, hit Enter.

After you hit enter, a friend request will be sent to your friend. Once your friend accepts the request, their name will appear when you click on the Social tab.

To join a party in Valorant, click on the Social tab and select the friend you want to invite from the list. Right-click on the name and among the options you will notice ‘Request to join’. Click on it.

That’s it, quite simple really. An invite will be sent to your friend as a notification and once they accept you can play the game together.

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