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How to Invite Friends on Steam – Sea Of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves - How to Invite Friends On Steam

Sea Of Thieves is an online multiplayer video game. Like most multiplayer, you have the option to send invites to your friends and add them to the game. Regardless of the platform, you can add and play with friends in the game. Recently, the game was launched on Steam, so you must be wondering how to invite friends on Steam to play Sea Of Thieves. In this guide, we will help you connect with all your friends on the game including Steam, Xbox app on Windows, Xbox One, and even ways to invite friends during the gameplay or mid-game.  

Sea Of Thieves – How to Invite Friends On Steam

Unlike other games on Steam, you cannot invite a friends using the Steam Friends List and nether can you receive invites in the same fashion. No worries though, we have covered how to invite friends on Steam. First, ensure that you are logged-in properly on the Windows Store, the Xbox app, and the Steam client is linked. To link your Xbox App to Steam, open the Xbox app and click on Social from the top of the screen in the home page. From there, the option to link Steam and Facebook should be clearly visible. Simply click Link and follow the process to link Steam.

Once you have done the above, follow the below steps for what you want to achieve.

Sending Invites from Game Lobby

  1. From the Main Menu, select the game mode and head to the lobby
  2. At the bottom left, click on Invite Friends
  3. You will see a list of friends, invite the friend you want to play with you.

Send Invites When In-Game

While playing the game, click on the Esc key to pause the game and enter the menu. Select My Crew > Invite Friends. You will now be able to see a list of friends and can invite anyone from the list.

How to Accept Invites on Sea of Thieves

There are various ways to accept invites. When you are in-game and receive an invite, it will be displayed in pop-up message. Once you accept the invite, you will be forwarded to the game. The invite will also be visible on the Xbox Game Bar, so you can accept the invite from there as well.

How to Join Friends Without Invite

So long as your profile is friend with another profile, you can join them even when they are in lobby or in-game. You can do this by opening the Windows Game bar > Xbox Social > right-click the player profile > Join Game. The game will reboot if you are not already in the game and a prompt will appear, select Yes to join the other player.

How to Add Friends to Sea Of Thieves on PC (Windows 10)

Adding friend to the game Sea Of Thieves is a two-step process. You first have to add them as friend on your Xbox App on Windows. If the user is not your friend on Xbox App, you may not be able to see or send invites to them. Hence, follow the two step in this process.

Add Friends on Windows 10 Xbox App

The Xbox App is an application developed for Windows 10 and is essential to play Sea of Thieves. If you are playing the game on the Windows 10, use the Xbox App to add friends to the game. Here are the steps you can follow.

  1. In the Window Search, type Xbox Console Companion and open the app
  2. Sing-in with your credentials if you are not already signed-in
  3. From the home screen, look on the right for Friends & clubs
  4. Type the Xbox name of your friend in the search field below Friends & clubs
  5. Select the friend and click on the Add Friend button (Note: your friend must also follow the same process and add you)

How to Add Friends to Sea Of Thieves PC

In the second part of the process, we will add a friend to the game using the Game Bar on Windows. You can check if the Game Bar is enabled or not by pressing Windows key + I > Gaming > ensure the Record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using Game bar switch is toggled On.

The next step is to launch the game. Once the game has launched press Windows Key + G to open Game Bar. Next, click on the Xbox Social and right-click on the name of the friend you want to invite, select Invite.

How to Invite Friends to Sea of Thieves on Xbox One

The process of inviting friends on Xbox One to play Sea Of Thieves is pretty simple. But, your profile still has to be friend on Xbox with the other profile. So, first ensure that you are friends on Xbox One, then launch the game. Next, choose the a ship size. Once you are at the lobby, select the invite option. From the list of friends, choose the one you want to send invite to. If you have selected only one friend, the game will automatically fill the spot with random matchmaking.    

That’s all you need to know to invite and join friends to play Sea Of Thieves on PC, Steam, and Xbox One.    

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