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How to Install Fall Guys on Mac and Linux

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Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout has taken the gaming community by storm. It quickly rose to one of the most played games on Steam amassing a large fan base. A battle royale format game without all the shooting and more of fumbling and tumbling, the popularity of the game lies in its humble play style. However, the game is only available for select platforms – PS4 and Windows. For users on PS4 with the Plus subscription, the game is free-to-play. Players on other platforms like Mac and Linux are wondering if and when they can get their hands on the game.

You would be surprised to know there is actually a way you can enjoy the Fall Guys on Mac and Linux without the developers launching a separate versions for the said OS. For those of you who want to play the game on Android, you will have to wait for a while before the game comes to your platform.

Stick around and we will share a step-by-step instruction on how to install Fall Guys on Mac and Linux.

How to Install Fall Guys on Mac

You already know by now that there is no official version of the game that supports Mac. However, the all too popular Boot Camp Assistant on Mac can help you install Windows on the Mac and ultimately install Fall Guys. You will use the Assistant to install and run a copy of Windows on a separate partition on the storage. Here is a step-by-step instruction.

  1. Get an installable ISO copy of the Windows OS from the official website.
  2. Visit the Apple website and download the Boot Camp Assistant.
  3. You would require an USB drive of available size greater than 5GB. Insert the USB after disconnecting all external drives from Mac.
  4. Go to Utilities and select Launch Boot Camp Assistant. Ensure that you have checked the two options “Download the latest Windows support software for Apple” and “Install Windows.”
  5. Next, locate the ISO file you downloaded in the first step and select the USB in the next step.
  6. The next step is to create a partition for Windows. Ensure that the size is the partition is greater than 20GB.
  7. Simply follow the instructions on the screen and Windows will be installed on your Mac in no time.
  8. Once, Windows is installed, you need to run the OS and download Steam.
  9. Now that you have installed Steam, go to the store and look for Fall Guys.

The entire process may appear long, but, when you get down to it, it’s fairly simple and straightforward. For users who already have the Windows installed on Mac, you only have to follow the step 8 & 9 to install Fall Guys on Mac.

How to Install Fall Guys on Linux

Linux is superior to most OS due to a range of reasons, but we won’t get into that discussion. There are a large number of active gamers who choose to play games on Linux. If you are one of them and wondering can you play Fall Guys on Linux. Fortunately, you can, but not via an official version, but through a workaround. The developers of the game have acknowledged that there may be a Linux version of Fall Guys in the future, but until then, here is how to install Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout on Linux.

  1. You would need to install Linux Debian or other similar software before you can install Fall Guys on Linux. So, ensure you have one of the above software installed.
  2. Next, you would require the SteamOS – “a Debian-based Linux distribution designed to run Valve’s Steam and Steam games.”
  3. You also require a dedicated graphics card with driver for distro.
  4. After the above requirements are met, launch the SteamOS and go to Steam > Settings > Steam Play > check Enable Steam Play for supported titles > select proton 5.0-9 from the drop down list for Run other titles with.
  5. Click Ok to save charges.
  6. Head back to the store and search for Fall Guys. Download and enjoy.

Note: Fall Guys runs on the 2019 version of Unity engine that requires a dedicated graphics card. The game may also not work on old graphics cards such as Debian 10+GTX 940MX.

That sums up the article on how to install Fall Guys on Mac and Linux. Hope you know everything by now and can install the game.      

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