How to Increase the Bond Level in Scarlet Nexus

In the recently released Scarlet Nexus game, there are a lot of powers at your disposal. Also, there are a wide range of Struggle Arms System (SAS) abilities and that ranges from invisibility to teleportation. You can upgrade all of them when you progress in the game. As you add more and more party members in Scarlet Nexus, you can unlock more combat options, and also you can raise the Bond you have with each of them. The greater the bond with your character, the better skills you can unlock so let’s find out how to increase the Bond Level in Scarlet Nexus.

How to Increase the Bond Level in Scarlet Nexus

In the game of there are 6 bond levels you can increase with any teammate and so you can get 6 different traits with each power. Since you can have several party members in your adventure and this number is significantly good.

In order to increase the Bond Level, there are many ways in Scarlet Nexus. Let’s check them out:

1. The first way to increase the Bond Level is by getting the character in your party and combat along with them. Even if you have not equipped SAS ability of that party, still you can increase the bond with the member you are fighting with.

2. Another best method to increase the Bond Level is by giving gifts that increase the bond by some amount automatically. You can give all types of gifts. 

These gifts you can get by completing side quests, or by finding random pickups around the game’s world, or buy directly from the shop, so this is one of the best methods. Each member accepts a particular sort of gift but you can also find some gifts which are ‘universal’.

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3. Third and perhaps the most useful and timesaving method to increase the Bond Level in Scarlet Nexus is by obtaining a Bond Boost which you can get during Bond episodes. These are already scripted sequences. These episodes can range from full-on missions to simple cutscenes.

Important Note: If you want to give gifts to your member or if you want to experience Bond episodes, it is important to search for that character in your Hideout. And this Hideout you can unlock when you progress a little in the story.

That’s all for this guide on How to Increase the Bond Level in Scarlet Nexus. Also, check out the next post on this game – How to Get Brain Points (BP) in Scarlet Nexus.

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