How to Increase Max Energy in Ooblets

Every day in Badgetown is a new adventure, but you cannot do much without energy. There are so many activities you need to perform (watering plants, breaking rocks, weeding, etc.), no amount of energy is more. So naturally, players are wondering how to increase max energy in Ooblets. Read this guide as we will show you how to can reach max energy in the game and accomplish more in a day.

How to Increase Max Energy in Ooblets

To increase the energy to max in Ooblets, you need to head to the Wishy Well and press A on the keyboard or left-click of the mouse. A menu will appear, scroll-down to locate More Energy. It cost 300 wishes if you want to purchase more energy.

If you don’t know where the Wishy Well is, it’s the fountain at the center of the town square next to Manatwee – the furniture store with the chair symbol above the door. How the Wishy Well works is you get wishes for the various tasks you complete in the game. You can use these wishes at the well to get a range of objects and items from blueprints to more energy.

List of Ooblets

So, that how you can increase your energy in Ooblets. Once you have the upgrade, you won’t have to follow the regular methods to harness energy. This will allow you to accomplish more in the game without having to spend time in activities that increase the energy such as eating and resting. Ultimately, you can progress faster in the game.

As the game is currently very new, you can expect more wishes introduced to the game in later patches that increase the energy even further. But, for now, this is the maximum limit of energy you can get in Ooblets. Read our other guides for more tips and tricks in Ooblets.

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