How to Increase Frey’s Max Health in Forspoken

 How to Increase Frey’s Max Health in Forspoken

Forspoken was released only a day back, on 24th January 2023, and players have already jumped into the game to explore every unknown feature. However, in action-adventure games, max health is a common feature, and Forspoken is no exception. Players always want to increase their max health, so it will be easier to survive the game, and this guide will help you know how you can increase Frey’s max health in Forspoken.

Can I Increase Frey’s Max Health in Forspoken? Answered

If you are an action-adventure game fan, you are aware that these games have lots of enemies to face, and it is impossible to avoid every attack of the enemy. So, naturally, players get damaged, and your health level is the thing that decides whether you’ll survive the game or not.

There are healing items that generally players can use to heal themselves. However, Forspoken is different; here, you can’t heal your max health using any healing item. Even it won’t get healed with time. For that, you have to put in some effort and find out the Monuments. Monuments of Justice are a type of Detour that help players boost their max health. If you are unaware of the Detours in the game, check out our guide to get help- WHAT ARE DETOURS IN FORSPOKEN.

In Forspoken, there are tons of detours, but not all help you increase your max health. You have to find Monuments of Justice, and interacting with them will give your max health a 5% boost. However, the Monuments of Justice are covered with stones that you need to clear before you interact with them. Remember, there are lots of other detours, but they will boost magic, not max health. So, ensure to find Monuments of Justice and increase Frey’s health by 5%.

Apart from this, there are another method players can use to increase max health, and that is to equip proper gear. Each gear Freya uses will give her some bonuses, including a max health boost. However, selecting the proper cloak or gear is essential to get a max health boost.

That’s all you need to know about how to increase Frey’s Max health in Forspoken.


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