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How to Hunt and Farm Food in Medieval Dynasty – Find Food Guide

How to Hunt and Farm Food in Medieval Dynasty - Find Food Guide

Survival games are always fun, although a little time-consuming. Medieval Dynasty is the new survival game available on Steam in early access. The game is set in the middle-ages Europe unlike most recent title released in the genre. Early impressions of players have been great. Food plays a crucial role in the game, it fuels the stamina required to perform tasks in the game. So far, we have seen that obtaining resources in the game is not as easy as you would expect from the Wooden Logs, Rocks to hunting for Food. In order to obtain food, you have to hunt in the game. Stick around and we will show you everything about how to hunt and farm Food in Medieval Dynasty.

How to Hunt and Farm Food in Medieval Dynasty – Find Food Guide

Medieval Dynasty provides you several ways to obtain the food in the game. You can hunt a range of animals, farm crops, go fishing, and scavenge when you have the opportunity. Here is how you can use the different methods to gather food in Medieval Dynasty.

Hunt Animals to Gather Food

Before you go hunting for animals and birds, you need to craft some helping tools such as the Skinning Knife, Bunny Traps, and Spear.

To kill rabbits in the game, you can lay traps and when you spot the rabbit, you can throw spears at them. After you have made the kill, you can harvest the meat and retrieve the spear. Once the rabbit meat is cooked, it give you a 6% health boost, enough to get you some stamina to continue with the game but not sufficient.

Besides the rabbit, you can also hunt deer, buffalos and birds. Traps work best to catch birds, but for larger animals like dears and buffalos, you will have to use your weapon. It’s essential that you are accurate with the spear, hitting the body of the animal or missing the mark will not result in a kill and the animal will escape.

After harvesting the meat, you can cook it over a campfire or use a cooking recipe to obtain more satisfaction and higher HP.

Fishing in Medieval Dynasty

Fishing is something you can do quite early in the game. Simply head over to the Technology tab and select the Small Fishing Net. Once you have the net, go to a body of water and lay down the trap for the fish. Continue with other tasks and check back if the fish are caught. It usually does not take much time.

Similar to other meat, you can cook the fish over a campfire or craft a recipe to obtain higher HP.

Farming for Food in Medieval Dynasty

Age old farming is still intact in the game and a good source of food. You can farm the land with crops and obtain food. In order to farm food, you have to head to the Building menu and create a field. Once you have the field, start farming by getting hoe and plow the field.

Once the fields are plowed, the next step is the buy seed and then sow them. In order to get the seeds, you need to go to the seller and get seeds from all kinds of vegetables such as onions and carrots. Remember to take a bag in order to carry the seeds. Once you return with the seeds to your field, change the bad mode and you will be able to sow the seeds.

The next step after sowing is to water and fertilize the plants. Although, just watering will grow the plants, using fertilizer from cow poop will result in better growth. One season in the game lasts for 3 days and crops grow according to season. So, obtaining food from crops is going to take you 3 days.

Scavenging for Food

If the crops are taking too long and you have not had any luck hunting or fishing, you can always scavenge for food. You can hunt for mushrooms and fruits like apples fallen from trees. The best thing about scavenging is you can get instant stamina when you one some urgently. With scavenged foods, you don’t have to cook or follow any other long process, simply pick them off the ground and consume them.

That’s all we have in this guide on how to hunt and farm food in Medieval Dynasty. Check out the game category for more tips and guides on error solutions.    

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