How to Hit the Polymer in Atomic Heart

Debarun Joardar
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Atomic Heart is set in an alternate history in which the Soviet Union rules over the entire planet (haha, yeah!). Robots are pervasive in the dystopian world because of how far technology has come. You take in the role of P-3, Major Nechaev, a combat-savvy battle veteran. This game has an array of arsenal from several melee weapons and guns to a wide variety of powers with which you can electrify, throw your enemies, topple everything, etc. You have to swim through weird substances too. We call them Polymer in this town.  

In order to unlock the door during the task “In Hot Pursuit,” you must find the pesticides container needed to repair a specific tree in the building’s foyer. You’ll need to swim through the polymer to accomplish this, which is nothing new since you’ve already done it, but this time the polymer is attached to the roof.

How to Enter the Polymer in Atomic Heart

Follow the goal sign to the location immediately below it once you’ve arrived at the area with the numerous forklifts surrounding it. Avoid being struck by trucks at all costs because doing so will severely compromise your health. 

You can use your shock attack to cause a forklift to halt as it approaches the polymer, allowing you the opportunity to scale the container it is hauling and dive right into the polymer. You can see one forklift circling around and passing right below the polymer’s entrance point. 

Simply swim through the polymer at this point, then use the Dodge option to exit it.

Final Tips:

You can swim through the polymer for as long as you like as this material is totally breathable unlike water. With that being said, that is all you got to do to go through this Polymer. It is not that complicated once you figure out the ropes and the absurdity of this substance.

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