How To Hide Whatsapp Last Seen on Android/iPhone

Mycle Ahir
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Since the day of its launch, WhatsApp is the most used messaging application. It has billions of users who send billions of messages every day. However, among the many features of WhatsApp, the Last Seen feature is the most used one. It helps the users to know when the contact they are sending a message to, has read the message.

Hiding your WhatsApp last seen on Android or iPhone is really easy. The steps are given below with images.

Steps To Hide Last Seen On Whatsapp

Step 1: Open Your Whatsapp, and Click on Three-Dots to Navigate to Settings.

Step 2: Now There will be a Privacy Option Under The Account, Click on it.

Step 3: In Privacy, There will be an Option for ‘Last Seen. Click on it.

Step 4: It will Show Four Options – ‘Everyone’, ‘My Contacts’, ‘My Contact except’, And ‘Nobody’.

Step 5: Select The Option ‘Nobody’ To Hide the Last seen from Everyone.

Step 6: Select the ‘My Contacts’ Option to show only to your contacts.

Step 7: And Select ‘My contact expect’ to select the contact from which you want to hide your last seen.

To Restore your Last Seen status visibility, you can do so at any time by returning to the Last Seen section of the privacy settings.

Hide your Last Seen status to increase your privacy on WhatsApp. WhatsApp used to set the visibility of your Last Seen status to Everyone by default, which meant that anyone on the platform could see this information. This also allowed third-party apps to take advantage of these benefits and track specific users.

So, That’s it. You have successfully hidden the last one seen on Whatsapp messenger. Hopefully, If you found the article helpful written by Qm Games and If you have any questions, please let us know via comments. 

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