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How to Heal Your Health (Willpower) in Marvel’s Avengers

How to Heal Your Health in Marvel's Avengers

Like most villains in Marvel’s Avengers, even the best heroes are destructible. To prevent damage and eventual death of the heroes you have to deploy a range of tactics while fighting. Blocking attacks and dodging is key to completing missions when you come face to face with powerful enemies, but you also need to keep an eye on the health (Willpower). The game includes health packs that can recover the damage of devastating attacks. Stick around and we will show you how to heal your health (Willpower) in Marvel’s Avengers.

How to Heal Your Health in Marvel’s Avengers

Green health orbs or packs regenerates your health in Marvel’s Avengers. The orbs are dropped from enemies and certain objects in the game. In order to heal, you need to run over the item and the effect automatically takes over increasing the Willpower.

You can find the orbs throughout the game by opening containers with the plus sign on them. Although not sufficient, they do grant a good amount of health. When you have a ton of enemies raining down fire on you, there containers are a blessing and would allow you to stand in the game for longer and possibly complete achievements and objectives.

Defeating enemies will not result in the green drop every time, but that’s a possibility. The frequency of the green health packs drops from defeating enemies is less frequent, but enough that you can rely on them for a source to improve your health. It’s a second source of health you can rely on when the special chest is not around.

While there are the two methods you can use to heal willpower in the game playing as Ms. Marvel gives you an additional option to heal.

When using elastic and expansive powerhouse, Ms. Marvel can restore some health. You can do this by pressing LB on the Xbox One and L1 on PS4. But, it won’t give you much health as like all other abilities it also has cooldown time.

Strategy to Survive in Marvel’s Avengers

While the green health packs dropped from enemies and obtained from the special containers should be on top of your priority list, you should also deploy other effective tricks to take less damage. They are dodging and blocking attacks, you would have gone through it extensively during the tutorials at the start of the game.

The game has three attacks classified as various colors – blue, yellow, and red. You can block the blue and yellow attack, but the red attack can only be dodged. The best strategy to win in the game is to parry. Attacking the enemies will damage them and lead to fewer attacks or less damage on you.

That’s all we have in this guide to maintain health or willpower in Marvel’s Avengers, check out the game’s category for more helpful tips and error resolutions.

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