How to Heal Your Health in Outriders

In Outriders, you play as one of 4 different anomaly altered creatures who are known as the Altered. One of the benefits of being an Altered is that you can regain health in different ways, even just by doing well in combat. Here’s all you need to know about how to heal your health in the game of Outriders.

How to Heal in Outriders

The first thing you should know about health is that there are two ways to restore it – Actively and Passively. Along with these, both of the classes have different settings to regain health.

Now, let’s learn how to heal your health using both of these methods in Outriders.

Methods to Heal the Health in Outriders

As we have just mentioned above, in Outriders, generally there are two ways to heal the health – Actively and Passively: Following are the details:

1. Passive Healing Method:

The first and easy method to heal the health is to use its automatic healing feature in the game. Since you are altered, you must have that benefits – Right? During the play, when you’re not damaging, your character will automatically heal itself and recovers energy.

This is quite an easy method to heal your health as you can easily hide behind objects or containers to regain your health bar.

2. Active Healing Method:

The second method to get energy depends on which Class you belong to in Outriders:

– Technomancer: Recovers some of the damages you deal with as health.

– Trickster: Each enemy killed at close range heals you and permits you a portion of the shield.

– Pyromancer: Recover health every time opponents marked by your ability are killed.

– Devastator: Restores the health of dead enemies that were too close.

What is Active and Passive Class in Outriders?

Passive healing is somewhat straightforward in Outriders. As long as you don’t take any damages, your Avatar will automatically start to regain health.

You can tell when your health is restoring by looking at the health bar. While this is only nominal, it is indicated by a line on the health bar, you will at least regain some health to keep your Avatar in combat.

Active healing varies by class. Each of these factors revolves around killing in different methods as mentioned above.

In short:

– You will recover some health passively as long as you do not take any damage.

– Active health can be achieved by killing enemies.

– Each class has a different environment that you must adhere to actively regain health.

And that’s all – Hope you have learned, how to heal your health in Outriders. It’s only a matter of time before you get arrested. Follow this guide and enjoy this game to the fullest!

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