How to Heal in Second Extinction

Second Extinction is an intense 3 player co-op shooter game. The main goal of this game is to reclaim Earth by wiping out the mutated dinosaurs which have taken over the planet. This game has a solid foundation for moving out of Early Access and onto Xbox. It is a loud and wild game that offers a lot of fun but healing yourself is one of the crucial points in this game that you should know about. In this guide on how to heal in Second Extinction, we have provided a quick yet complete guide that will be helpful to survive in this exciting shooter game.

How to Heal in Second Extinction

Since this game is in its early access version, Health Stims are the only healing item available for gamers and can’t be swapped with other items in your loadout. You will start this game with 3 Health Stims that can be refilled by picking up Equipment Kits in Supply Drops or at Camps. When you’ve Health Stims, you need to press on the H on PC or d-pad on Xbox.

When you press it, your character will pull out the stim and will inject himself. As long as you keep injecting, your health bar will increase gradually. During this process, if the enemy attacks on you, you can be bashed out of the animation and lost that stim, so take care of your timing.

Also, you can drop off your stim and can be used later and start moving, so you won’t be stuck in the same place. In addition, you can heal by calling in a Healing Station which is a drop that will be unlocked at level 4 and can be equipped in your loadout.

That’s all you need to know about how to heal in Second Extinction. Also, learn How to fix Second Extinction Missions Autofail on Launch Bug?

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