How to Heal in Monster Hunter Rise

Tim Blisz
Tim Blisz

With a fast-paced and action packed game like Monster Hunter Rise, you will find yourself deficient of the HP quite often. Fortunately, like all the other titles in the Monster Hunter series, MHR also has a range of items you can use to heal yourself or have similar effects that impacts the HP positively. Besides the craft-able items, there are supply boxes with healing potions. Some creatures that are classified as Endemic Life such as The Healing Escuregot also possesses healing effect. There are various ways to heal in Monster Hunter Rise, we will show you how.

Monster Hunter Rise – How to Heal

There are two primary ways to heal in Monster Hunter Rise – via items and using Endemic Life. If you get injured during a fight, the most reliable way to heal in using items. There are a range of items in the game that have healing effect, but the most used in a fight is the Potion and the Mega Potion. Like every other item in the game, you can also find healing item in the fields, supply boxes, or you can craft it using the crafting menu. Here are some items in Monster Hunter Rise with healing effect.

Healing Items in Monster Hunter Rise

Before you use any item to heal yourself, it’s essential that you sheathe your weapon by pressing Y. Once the weapon is sheathed, open the items bar by holding L, select the healing item using Y or A. Once you know the item you want to use, release the L button and press the Y.  

  • Potions – A potion can restore a small amount of health and requires 1 Herb to craft.
  • Mega Potion – A mega potion restores a medium amount of health and requires 1 Herb and 1 Honey to craft.
  • First Aid Med+ – The item also restores a medium amount of health and requires crafting resources such as 1 First Aid Med and 1 Honey.
  • Antidote – You can craft the Antidote using 1 Antidote Herb. It cures venom or poison effect.
  • Herbal Medicine – To craft the Herbal Medicine, you require crafting items 1. Antidote and 1 Blue Mushroom. The Herbal Medicine can heal the effects of poison as well as restore a small amount of health.
  • Immunizer – The Immunizer can be made at the crafting menu using 1 Bitterbug and 1 Mandragora. It improves the natural ability of the hunter to heal.
  • Lifepowder – Can be used to heal the hunter and the nearby party members. Requires 1 Godbug and 1 Blue Mushroom to craft.
  • Herbal Powder – Heals a small amount of damage and cures the poison effect. You can craft the item using 1 Godbug and 1 Herbal Medicine.
  • Deodorant – It can heal effects of Hellfireblight, Stench, and blast-blight. Can be made using 1 Sunscorned Grass at the crafting menu.

These are all the items in the game that either heal a particular effect or restore the health of the hunter. If we have missed something, let us know in the comments.

Heal using Endemic Life

Walking over an Endemic Life is also known to provide a healing effect in MH Rise. Some of the Endemic Life that are known to possess healing effect are the Escuregot, Vigorwasp, and Green Spiribird.

You can capture the healing Escuregot and use it when you require the healing effect in a hunt. Just plonk it on the ground and you will be able to see the healing effect.

Heal using Palico

The Palamute is a great offensive companion, but if you are a solo player and have the option of two companions, also include Palico in the group. The humble Palico has a skill that releases bubbles into the air, players who come in contact with the bubbles heal some health.

Use The Hunting Horn for Group Healing

If you like to play multiplayer, the game offers various strategies, one is for a player to take a supporting role and the Hunting Horn is perfect for it as it provides healing for the party. Another weapon with a similar trait is the Bowgun.

So, in a nutshell, these are all the ways you can heal the hunter in Monster Hunter Rise. If we missed something, let us know in the comments. Also, check out the game category for more informative guides.   

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