Medieval Dynasty

How to Heal in Medieval Dynasty

How to Heal in Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is available for early access on Steam, which means you have the chance to try out the new popular survival game even before it releases. But, early access comes with its caveat, not all functions of the game may be easily apparent or fully developed. One of the key things you need to know when you jump into the game is to heal after you are injured or have eaten poisoned food. Healing or restoring the HP is necessary to survive in Medieval Dynasty. The game provides you three ways to heal or restore the HP. Stick around and we will share all you need to know about how to heal or restore HP in Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty | How to Heal or Restore HP

When we talk of healing in medieval Dynasty, you need to first level up and obtain the Survival Sense. You can find this skill in the Skill menu. What this does is, it shows you where to find mushrooms and herbs. It’s important because mushrooms can increase your HP and food supply, whereas, with the ability to find herbs, you can find specific herbs with healing properties.

Go to your Inventory menu and the specific items that you want to look at obtaining in order to heal is Morel Mushroom, St. John’s Wort, and Flatbread.

Here is the in-game description of the three –

  • Morel Mushroom – “A food resource that can be eaten raw. Restores a small amount of food. Can be found in the forests during autumn. (+1.0 Food).” Morel Mushrooms also increase the heart which is the HP.
  • St. John’s Wort – “A herb that reduces the level of poisoning.”
  • Flatbread – “A simple bread. Can be crafted in Tavern stove or bought. (+5.0 Health, +40.0 Food).”

There is another herb with healing properties that you don’t see in the inventory and it’s quite essential, it’s called the Broadleaf Plantain. It’s really hard to find the herb in the game and unusually is around the shed of trees. Here is a picture of the herb.

The in-game description of Broadleaf Plantain is “A herb that heals. +10.0 Health.” So, these are the things you need to obtain in the game in order to heal after you’ve been injured or eaten something poisonous.

As for the location of the Broadleaf Plantain, there seems to be no exact spot as it’s a random spawn, but we will update this post if we happen to know about a spot where you can definitely get the herb.

That’s all we have in this guide, browse the game category for more insightful guides and error solutions for the game.   

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